Sunny Dhoorh condemned Prakash S Badal & Tarsem Saini

Chicago : Mr. Suny Dhoorh, president of Punjabi Cultural Society, Michigan (PCSM), has opposed on “Saini Community” being classified as backward by Punjab Government. The decision of punjab govt. is political and declared to provide advantages to sidekicks of Chief Minister Prakash Singh Badal”, said Mr. Sunny to the media in Chicago, USA. Further he added that merely “Punjab Saini Association” or its current chairman Mr. Tarsem Saini has the right to declare the worldwide Saini Commmunity as a backward class, while opposing the decision and demanded to revert this decision.

On the side note, few days earliar, Punjab Govt has released a notification to classify “Saini Community” as a backward class.

Mr. Sunny Dhoorh also raised the question on “How many members does the ‘Punjab Siani Association’ does really have” ? He pointed out that having registered a NGO with the name attached to Saini and having few members does not provide the right to make/accept any decision which affects the image of Saini Worldwide.

Adding further, Mr. Sunny wanted to remind the politically motivated leaders of punjab govt that, “Classification system was long abolished in the history of India and Punjab Govt does not feel ashamed to still practice such systems. This kind of practice provokes seperatism and becomes the root cause of dividing a healthy community and environemnt.” Mr. Dhoorh said “Saini’s have proven to be one of the most agressive community worldwide and had held the top postions in various fields and the number is not in hundreds but thousands, reflecting how progressive and self-sufficient the members are, then Why being labeled as Backward for the sake of just couple who never made any effort to progress”.

Mr. Sunny Dhoorh is a well known leader of Democratic Party in Michigan and has been actively involved in community affairs.